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Press Release May 2017


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May 15, 2017

Contact Person: Ed Shinn

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Better Business Bureau Recognizes

Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC with

Winner of Distinction Award

            In recognizing businesses and non-profits for their achievements and commitment to quality in the workplace, Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC was one of 292 companies recognized at the annual Better Business Bureau Awards of Excellence on May 10, 2017.   Recognized as a Winner of Distinction, this was the first time Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC has had the privilege to be recognized by the Better Business Bureau for service excellence.

            When asked what it means to Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC to receive this recognition, Edward Shinn, company president/owner stated, “We work hard to provide top-notch service to our customers and clients and it is an honor to be recognized for our efforts.”

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Hodges Testimonial

Mr. Hodges found out firsthand how the team at Crossroads was able to handle his insurance recovery process after his business suffered a fire. Insurance claim recovery is our specialty and Mr. Hodges was pleased to find out that we stayed on top of all of the required forms and details of his claim that he never considered or knew about.


Janacek Testimonial

Mrs. Janacek suffered a black water loss in her home only months after finding out that one of her children had cancer. With so much to do in relation to the care of her child, there was no reason for her to also be concerned about the safety and recovery of her home. With the Crossroads team on her side, she was able to put her attention on her family while Crossroads dealt with the recovery process for her home. She couldn't be happier and we are so glad that her family is now able to focus on the important things.


Nicks Testimonial

Ms. Nicks was renting a home when she suffered a fire. She didn't know which way to turn, especially as a renter. After hiring Crossroads, she was able to recover from the fire that damaged her home and get back to her normal day!


Which Adjustment Path Leads To Your Rightful Financial Recovery?

What are your options when it comes to your isnsurance claim?


Allowing the adjuster working for the insurance company to control your recovery
Adjusters are hired to minimize the extent of the insurance company’s financial exposure in the claim recovery process and review the demand submitted by the policyholder (as stated in your policy) to ensure it is based on the conditions, endorsements and exclusions contained in your policy(s); not to manage your claim recovery.
He/she does not work for you, he/she works for the insurance company.

Hiring a fire and water damage restoration company, contractor or roofer
These firms are not licensed to manage, negotiate or participate in the adjustment of an insurance claim recovery. They do not understand, nor are they interested in, the most important portion of the claim recovery process:  your insurance policy. They cannot be involved in the business interruption, loss of rents, additional living expense re-imbursement or personal property (contents) portion of a claim recovery.  Their allegiance is to the adjuster working for the insurance company, not to the policyholder.

Attempting to adjust the claim yourself
Do you have the time, skills, knowledge and expertise required to prepare a detailed demand to submit to the insurance company’s representative(s) that can support your position?   Do you understand all of the terminology, conditions, endorsements and exclusions contained in your insurance policy(s) and how to apply the damages sustained to ensure you receive a complete and equitable financial recovery?  If the insurance company offers you less money than you are rightfully entitled to will you know?  What support would you have to substantiate your position?

Retaining an attorney
An attorney is the only party, other than the policyholder or licensed public adjuster, that can adjust a claim recovery on behalf of a policyholder.  Their financial compensation is much higher than a public adjuster and they hire professional assistance (most often a public adjuster) to measure and document the damages sustained to the structure, business personal property and/or contents.

Hiring a state-licensed public insurance adjuster to adjust the claim on your behalf
This policyholder advocate will measure, document and support a detailed demand to the insurance carrier based on your policy(s) provisions and endorsements in effect at the time of the loss.  Public adjusters are motivated to secure the highest financial compensation a policyholder is rightfully entitled to, in the most expeditious manner possible.  In addition to being well versed in policy terminology and procedures, your state-licensed public insurance adjuster must pass an extensive state-mandated background check, be bonded, pass a rigorous State Department of Insurance written exam to obtain a license and pass annual continuing education classes to maintain state licensure.  Quite often, the most knowledgeable person involved in the claim recovery management process is your state-licensed public insurance adjuster.


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