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El Sr. Pérez sufrió un incendio en la casa hace 5 años y el  seguro no lo ayudó a recuperarse adecuadamente. Cuando  sufrió otro incendio, sabía que necesitaba a alguien de su  lado para luchar por su recuperación. Con el equipo  experimentado en Crossroads, el Sr. Pérez pudo  recuperarse completamente del incendio de su casa.

Mr. Perez suffered a house fire 5 years ago and the insurance didn't help him recover properly. When he suffered another fire, he knew he needed someone on his side to fight for his recovery. With the experienced team at Crossroads, Mr. Perez was able to fully recover from his house fire. 

No one ever expects their home to go up in flames. And trying to figure out what to do after suffering such a loss is mind boggling. Mr. and Mrs. Buck didn't have to worry about any of that, though. With the experienced team at Crossroads, we were able to get them the recovery they deserved and they are well on their way to being in their home once again. 

New Testament Baptist Church was hit with a terrible storm earlier this year. They weren't quite sure where to turn, so having the experienced team of public adjusters from Crossroads Recovery Advocates was exactly what they needed. Pastor Regan could not be happier about how well the recovery process went and is looking forward to getting back to what he loves doing most.

Ms. Barnett found herself in a position that no one ever wants to be in: her home suffered a loss and she was trying to keep focused while dealing with the insurance company. However, after having the team at Crossroads step in for her, she was able to sit back and relax while we took care of everything. She never again has to be worried about how to recover from a loss. Crossroads will always be here to help!

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